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Getting Used to the New Normal

By Bill Wootton

Its been a stunning few weeks for everyone as we’ve all restructured out lives – both personally and professionally – to operate within the new “normal” that we’re all living through. Our hearts go out to all those that are impacted by this crisis, especially those that are suffering with the virus.

Working Remotely

The massive shift to working remotely has been nothing short of amazing.  Overnight, business processes and protocols are adapting in ways that would normally take months, or even years. Clearly, investments in the cloud and in Microsoft 365 are making this possible.

No matter how prepared you thought you were, your team has likely had some bumps along the way, and if so, we’re here to help.  Even the most seasoned collaborative companies are learning and adjusting in these times.  This blog from Microsoft talks about how they are adjusting with great tips on how you can make the transition. Of course, Microsoft Teams is a key piece to the puzzle.

Don’t Let Your Guard Down

In addition to general productivity obstacles, it’s important to prevent any security-related issues as well.  Take a look at guidance NIST has recently issued that may be helpful to send to your team members.

One issue to be particularly concerned about is using personal machines for work-related activities.  It’s important to communicate effectively any rules around downloading information as well as how those machines are connecting to your network.  We can help with several options to ensure your data is secure.

We Can Help

As the weeks unfold ahead, please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help. We have clients who have been working 100% remotely for years, so we can bring our experience to bear as you embark on similar paths.

We’re here to help. Shoot me a quick e-mail at info@c3isit.com and we’ll get started.