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Small to Mid-Size Businesses (SMBs)

Businesses with less than 50 employees have a unique combination of needs, which is why this group has its own classification.

No matter your industry, Arlington-based C3 recognizes SMBs have a different organizational structure from Fortune 500 firms with their large teams within different divisions.

Even with rapid growth on the horizon, SMBs need smooth and controlled processes to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

The IT system that you’ve relied on until now may be sufficient for today, but even the needs of a company with two or five people differ from the needs of a company with a staff of 30 or more – and situations can change in a matter of days.

SMBs need:

  1. Flexibility

    Whether growth is slow and steady or rapid and explosive, with or without intermittent plateaus, your IT needs change and you need an IT services provider that caters to your needs and can react to your dynamic environment.

    From Help Desk support to industry regulation compliance, to IT consulting and everything in between, C3 can help you design and manage your IT infrastructure to help your business grow.

  2. Reliability

    Small to mid-size businesses need IT systems that are guaranteed to work. When IT systems fail, the loss of productivity compounded with the loss of resources can result in expensive downtime. When time is money, reliability is a must.

    Hiring an internal team of IT personnel is a costly endeavor, especially when trying to maximize the skill set of a handful of staff to account for every contingency. Working with an IT partner like C3 gives you the collective expertise without the impact your payroll would otherwise feel, resulting in a much more cost-effective solution to ensure your IT needs are met.

  3. Accountability

    Transparency and responsibility are two key components that result in accountability, where your needs are concerned.

    C3 realizes the immense trust small to mid-size businesses place in our team when partnering with us. When your success depends on our actions, C3 holds our team to the highest standards so accountability is clear.

Why have a staff that wears so many hats, focus is sacrificed? C3 helps SMBs focus on today while planning for tomorrow.

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