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Merger Announcement: Ingalls Information Security Joins Forces with C3 Integrated Solutions

Hear from Jason Ingalls, the founder and CEO of Ingalls Information Security, on the merger and what it means for clients

  • Jason Ingalls

    Chief Cybersecurity Officer

A New Chapter in Cybersecurity Excellence

Back in 2010, I founded Ingalls Information Security after fifteen years spent working as a defense contractor on IT and cybersecurity engineering projects for the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force. I was fortunate to find talented people to join me early on, and for the next decade we grew a cybersecurity services company by focusing on two core objectives: protecting the internet, and bringing cybersecurity industry jobs to Louisiana.

After thirteen years of service and growth, I’m excited to announce that Ingalls Information Security is embarking on its next chapter.

I am thrilled to announce the merger of Ingalls Information Security with C3 Integrated Solutions, marking a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize cybersecurity and compliance services. This strategic merger combines Ingalls’ decade-long expertise in cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions with C3’s commitment to securing our nation’s cybersecurity assets.

In this blog article, I’d like to touch on what this merger means for our clients and the industry at large.

For the Defense Industrial Base: Enhanced CMMC Compliance Services

Our combined expertise now offers an unparalleled suite of services for the Defense Industrial Base, focusing on comprehensive CMMC compliance solutions. By coupling Ingalls’ proven track record in CMMC preparation and consulting, with C3’s deep experience delivering managed IT services and Microsoft Cloud solutions, we are uniquely positioned to guide you through the complexities of CMMC certification.

Commitment to Our Diverse Clientele

To our valued Ingalls customers outside the Defense Industrial Base, your trust in us remains our top priority. This merger enhances our capabilities, ensuring that you continue to receive the highest level of service and attention. Expect innovative solutions, tailored to your unique cybersecurity needs.

Empowering DoD Authorizing Officials

For DoD Authorizing Officials, the merger amplifies our offerings in DoD ATO software. Leveraging Ingalls’ CSAR/RMF Pro tool and our combined expertise, we’re set to introduce new levels of efficiency and effectiveness in cybersecurity assurance for the DoD sector.

Shaping the Future of IT Security

To our partners in the IT industry and media, this merger is more than a business decision. It’s a commitment to lead and adapt in an ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. Together, we aim to set new benchmarks in the industry, ensuring a safer digital world.

As we embark on this exciting new journey, our mission remains steadfast – to provide exceptional cybersecurity risk services, driven by innovation, customer commitment, and a shared vision of securing our digital future.


Jason Ingalls
Founder, Ingalls Information Security

Meet the Author

Jason Ingalls

Chief Cybersecurity Officer

Jason Ingalls is an engineer-turned-entrepreneur who founded Ingalls Information Security in 2010. Prior to that, Jason was an Information Assurance engineer and Incident Responder for General Dynamics for 9 years. Jason is a lifelong resident of Louisiana, and he is actively engaged in developing high-technology job opportunities in the state, especially in the area of cybersecurity. Jason's professional career in cybersecurity has been spent delivering solutions that reduce information technology risk.