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Welcoming Ingalls Information Security to the C3 family!

With the merger of Ingalls Information Security, C3 Integrated Solutions becomes the Defense Industry’s most experienced and comprehensive managed services provider. C3 CEO Marc Pantoni shares his thoughts.

  • Marc Pantoni

Almost exactly one year ago, the new C3 Integrated Solutions emerged from the merger of C3 and Steel Root. In the past year, we have exceeded our initial expectations—growing both our employee and client bases significantly with our shared commitment to serving the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). Our clients have benefitted from our strengthened resources across both managed IT and compliance advisory services, as well as our dedication to providing a smooth, confident path toward CMMC compliance.

Adding a cybersecurity powerhouse to C3

363 days later, we’re doing it again. Today, we announce the addition of Ingalls Information Security, a full-service incident response and managed security services provider (MSSP) to the C3 Integrated Solutions portfolio.

With this merger, I am proud and excited to say that we become the Defense Industry’s most experienced and comprehensive managed services provider.

While cybersecurity has always been integral to C3’s ethos (after all, our flagship offerings focus on Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification), the addition of Ingalls Information Security dramatically expands our cybersecurity expertise, strengthens the existing security posture of our IT and compliance services, and enables us to offer services that tap into Ingalls’ Security Operations Center (SOC), Managed Detection and Response service, and Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) capabilities.

The growing complexity of cybersecurity defense and regulations

As we come up on the rule drop for CMMC, we at C3 believe that those of us that serve the DIB owe it to our clients to design and deliver services backed by the absolute strongest bench of cybersecurity, IT, and compliance talent available. We know how confusing, and frankly overwhelming, it is to parse through the growing body of cybersecurity controls required to protect the U.S. Government’s sensitive information. As a partner, we believe our job is to provide holistic support to our clients:

  • First, by minutely understanding the requirements at both a policy and execution level
  • Second, by designing and implementing an architecture that meets those requirements
  • Third, by offering compliant and secure ongoing IT management
  • Fourth, by providing defense-grade cybersecurity services
  • And finally, by supporting the work around the compliance assessment itself.

Given how tightly integrated cybersecurity has become with day-to-day IT operations and compliance requirements, we believe it critical that we offer top-tier cybersecurity services that as part of our portfolio. In addition, with this merger, our clients can now turn to a single service partner for all their needs without sacrificing quality of service. That means a single source of accountability, increased cost efficiencies, and fewer partners to manage.

I’m particularly looking forward to working more closely with Ingalls founder and CEO Jason Ingalls in his new capacity as C3’s Chief Cybersecurity Officer. By combining his leadership and the expertise of his team with C3’s existing strengths, we continue to reinforce our commitment to being the Defense Industry’s preeminent IT, cybersecurity, and compliance partner.

Stay tuned for what’s next.

Marc Pantoni
CEO of C3 Integrated Solutions

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Marc Pantoni

Marc Pantoni is the CEO of C3 Integrated Solutions