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How Local Businesses View Cybersecurity

We surveyed attendees of last month's North Shore Business Expo to understand how local businesses view the importance of cybersecurity.

This past month, we participated in the North Shore Business Expo, an annual event put on by the North Shore Chamber of Commerce. We had a great time meeting the amazing people and local businesses that were in attendance. We were also excited to learn about how local businesses view cybersecurity.

During the event, we invited guests to take a cybersecurity survey. Here’s what we discovered:

of respondents said their business would be in serious trouble if their technology systems were down for more than 12 hours.

Only 52%
of people whose businesses capture sensitive data (SSNs, credit card info, etc.) can confirm their company has an information security plan in place.

of respondents said that if their data was exposed in a breach, they would blame the business that lost the information and not the hacker.

What does this mean?
It means we’ve got some work to do. Many businesses that capture sensitive data do not have the practices set in place to protect themselves from cyber attacks—putting their businesses, their customers, and reputations in danger.

This is especially critical for businesses in Massachusetts, which are required by law to protect the personal information in their care.

It’s time to take action.
If you don’t know how your company can protect itself from cyber threats, it’s time to do something. Reach out to schedule a meeting about what solutions your business needs to prevent these problems before they impact your business.