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CMMC Proposed Rule Basics: What You Need to Know

On February 21, 2024 C3's Bill Wootton covered the details of the CMMC rule and explained what it means for your company and compliance efforts. Watch the webinar recording here.

On February 21, C3’s Chief Revenue Officer Bill Wootton walked through the basics of the CMMC rule and provided a primer for deeper analysis about what it all means – and what it means for your business. The webinar included these subjects and more:

– FCI and CUI
– CMMC rulemaking processes
– Levels of CMMC and types of assessments
– Timelines
– Conditional Assessments & POA&Ms
– Cost analysis

Watch the webinar recording via the link above.

Additional Q&A from the Webinar

Are Chinese cameras for video monitoring allowed now?  Can I use Chinese cameras for purposes other than monitoring IT system?

Section 889 is the appropriate reference for Chinese firms that are prohibited for use.

Do you know if SBIR/STTRs will be Level 1 or Level 2?  How can truly small companies afford all this?

Our understanding is that Level 2 initiates the DFARS requirements which would include the CMMC program requirements.

What are the CMMC requirements / expectations for a prime vendors CSP; 4th party to DoD?

Any information systems that store process or transit CUI are subject to CMMC requirements regardless of where they are in the supply chain.

Who in the organization is qualified to affirm?

CMMC only discusses a “senior official” from the contractor.