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CMMC is coming soon…are you ready?

After months of stagnation, things are starting to ramp up around CMMC. Recently, the industry has received updates on voluntary assessments, interim rulemaking and early indications of when we might see CMMC in contracts.

C3’s President Bill Wootton talks with Christina Reynolds, BDO’s Director of Industry Specialty Services and CMMC compliance SME, about the latest developments from the Cyber AB, DoD leaders and the CMMC rule itself, plus their outlook over the next 6-12 months. They discuss:

  • Latest updates on CMMC including voluntary assessments, interim and final rule making and CMMC requirements within contracts
  • What are voluntary assessments, and why volunteer?
  • When is CUI not CUI? NARA and clarity on SP-PROPIN.
  • Near-term versus far-term strategy to meet compliance
  • How long does it take to get compliant?
  • What is a Systems Security Plan and what should we put into it?  Why is a POAM important?

Download the slide deck here.

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