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Business Continuity

Power failures, hardware failures, and natural disasters don’t have to be catastrophic events.

The right protections in place prevent catastrophic failures and data loss. C3 offers Business Continuity services, like:

  • Data backups
  • System backups
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Support

The most important concept to understand is the difference between a data backup and Business Continuity:

  1. Data Backup
    • Saved files are duplicated and stored at scheduled intervals. Should a power failure, hardware failure, or natural disaster occur, files can be restored from the most recent data backup prior to the event to minimize data impact.
  2. Business Continuity
    • Not only are saved files duplicated and stored, but complete systems and processes are protected. Applications, software, email, and all elements deemed critical to operations are backed up to limit downtime and prevent data loss – or financial repercussions.
    • A Business Continuity plan involves a Business Impact Analysis to identify critical functions, recovery objectives, and a timeline for recovery.

Now that the difference is clear, it’s clear why businesses need a Business Continuity plan in place. C3 focuses on helping businesses recover as quickly as possible, and with as little impact as possible, so the overall impact is minimal – to both the business and the people affected.

Backing up information and files is important, but a Business Continuity plan is just that – a plan for how to continue business as quickly as possible following a catastrophe. From fires to floods, from server crashes to overheating, from viruses to hacks and data breaches, there are numerous ways to experience a failure – but the best way to prevent any of these from causing grief is to have a contingency plan.

C3 works with businesses to make sure a customized Business Continuity plan that caters to individual needs is in place. To safeguard your data, your network, and your future, contact C3 at {phone} or {email} to inquire about scheduling a Business Impact Analysis today.