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Family Dinner Conversations to avoid

The Lighter Side: Fake News

This week: Family dinner conversations to avoid

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CMMC Rule-Making Process

Caution: CMMC (and its requirements) may be closer than they appear

On Nov 21, the OIRA website indicates that the status of the eight (8) components (and that of the overarching Framework) of the CMMC Program has changed from “Pending Review”...

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Waiting for CMMC

The Lighter Side: Waiting for CMMC

This week: Is this CMMC baby about ready to come out yet?

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Government Contractors Need to Understand Their False Claims Risk When It Comes to Cybersecurity

C3's Policy Analyst Collin Overby discusses cybersecurity and the Fed's use of the False Claims Act

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Merger Announcement: Ingalls Information Security Joins Forces with C3 Integrated Solutions

Hear from Jason Ingalls, the founder and CEO of Ingalls Information Security, on the merger and what it means for clients

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Welcoming Ingalls Information Security to the C3 family!

With the merger of Ingalls Information Security, C3 Integrated Solutions becomes the Defense Industry’s most experienced and comprehensive managed services provider. C3 CEO Marc Pantoni shares his thoughts.

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C3 Integrated Solutions and Ingalls Information Security merge to create the Defense Industry’s most experienced and comprehensive managed services provider

The addition of Ingalls’ defense-grade cybersecurity services to C3’s IT & compliance portfolio provides greater protections for defense contractors required to protect sensitive information

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CUI confusion requires support

The Lighter Side: CUI Confusion

This week: Wouldn't it be nice if we were just told us what they meant by CUI?

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I told you to ask for directions!

The Lighter Side: Asking for Directions

This week: The route to CMMC certification can be long, and if you don't ask for directions, you can get into some trouble!

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CMMC: Mastering the Basics Part 1

Master the basics of CMMC compliance. Join us for this free webinar with NDIA on Oct 26 at 1 PM.

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Insights from Bob Metzger: CUI, CMMC, and the importance of cybersecurity

Bob Metzger chats with C3 CRO Bill Wootton about controlled unclassified information (CUI), who's responsible for it, who marks it, how do you handle it, and its role in both...

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Insights from Bob Metzger: The Accidental Rule Drop

In this short video, Bob Metzger, a well-respected authority on government security laws and regulations related to the Defense Industrial Base and CMMC, speaks with Bill Wootton, chief revenue officer...

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