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Custom IT Services

NextGen Managed IT Services for Federal Contractors

Whether to support your government work or commercial environment, we’ll fill your IT and cybersecurity gaps with our experienced team and custom managed services.

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The IT MSP for Federal Contractors—and beyond

Whether you’re a Federal contractor managing a compliance journey with NIST 800-171 or you need managed IT services to support commercial business operations, our NextGen Managed Services deliver a secure, managed IT environment that supports your business needs.

By partnering with one of Microsoft’s largest AOS-G partners, you’ll get the benefit of our 10+ years selling, deploying, and supporting Microsoft 365 to government contractors, and a security-centric architecture derived from C3’s proprietary Steel Root Reference Architecture.

Customized IT Architecture

Customized use case & system boundary

We'll work with your team to understand your current environment, data flows, and requirements so we can design a system customized to your needs.

Best-practice-based system design

We'll draw from our many years of experience designing secure and compliant systems, including adapting elements from our proprietary Steel Root Reference Architecture into your environment.

Security-centric technology stack

Whether or not your NextGen managed environment needs to be compliant with NIST 800-171, security should always be a high priority. Our security-first approach includes recommendations to ensure a secure environment.

Customized baseline configuration

By combining your requirements with the design elements, we'll customize a baseline configuration that will support day-to-day business operations without sacrificing security.

System Implementation

Once we've finalized your architecture and design, we'll test and implement the system to make sure it performs well and operates as expected.

Managed Services

Systems administration

Any IT environment needs constant attention to remain secure and performant. Our hands-on staff will manage and maintain your IT environment so you can focus on your business.

Support desk

As your first line of defense, our team helps yours with new IT requests, issues, and troubleshooting.

Standardized procedures & processes

We develop and follow standardized procedures and processes to align with your business needs and strengthen security and consistency.

Dedicated Technical Account Manager

Your success matters to us too. An assigned Technical Account Manager will partner with you to ensure day-to-day success as well as to help you plan for the future.

Prioritizing flexibility without sacrificing security

Designed to offer optimal flexibility, our customized managed IT services offering for Federal contractors can be adapted to manage as little or as much of your IT environment as you need, with a shared administration model to support collaboration.

NextGen Managed Services features a flexible and collaborative approach to designing a customized managed IT solution. We’ll provide recommendations and guidance based on best practices and compliance requirements to deliver a solution custom-built to support your business.

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Contracting with the DoD?

If you’re contracting with the DoD or are a sub on a DoD contract, you’ll need to prove CMMC compliance. Our fully packaged Steel Root Solutions help you meet your CMMC compliance goals while limiting business disruption and reducing internal resource strain.

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