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Microsoft 365 GCC and GCC High Deployment

Address your complex compliance needs with Government Community Cloud and GCC High, Microsoft’s secure cloud solutions designed to meet federal requirements

Seamless M365 GCC and GCC High migration for government contractors

As a federal or defense contractor seeking to comply with contractual obligations, Microsoft 365 Government Community Cloud (GCC) and GCC High provide an easy path to meet your requirements. However, the process of migrating critical business infrastructure without impacting your business can feel daunting.

That’s where C3’s professional IT services come in. With more than 10 years of experience selling, deploying, and managing Microsoft 365 environments for the Defense Industrial Base and other federal contractors, we bring unparalleled expertise to the migration process.

With hundreds of deployments under our belt, we’ll get you up and running on either GCC or GCC High painlessly.

Your CMMC journey

CMMC compliance starts with GCC High

Defense contractors seeking to achieve CMMC Level 2 compliance should plan to implement GCC High, particularly if you hold export-controlled data under ITAR or EAR or if you hold other types of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Specified that require U.S. data sovereignty.

Microsoft GCC High enables a compliant platform to support your IT environment, core communications, and collaboration services. GCC High will satisfy many of the controls within CMMC and is a critical tool in your overall compliance strategy, including a core component of the Steel Root Compliance Program and the Steel Root Technology Platform.

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What is Microsoft GCC?

GCC and GCC High are versions of the Microsoft 365 service suite created to support federal civilian agencies, contractors, and state and local governments. GCC High was specifically designed to support the compliance requirements of the U.S. Defense Industrial Base (DIB).

Both versions include the same productivity services as commercial Microsoft 365, including:

  • Email (Outlook)
  • File sharing (SharePoint)
  • Teams collaboration
  • Microsoft’s security offerings, such as Entra, Intune, and Defender. 

In addition, GCC and GCC High store Microsoft 365 data (email, file shares, collaboration) within the United States.

Unsure whether you need GCC or GCC High?

If you’re asking yourself: “Does CMMC require GCC High?” download a copy of our Buyer’s Guide to learn more.

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Licensing GCC High for small and midsize businesses

If you’re a small or mid-sized business, procuring GCC High licenses can be a little more complicated. Companies seeking to purchase fewer than 500 GCC High licenses need to go through an authorized Microsoft partner through the Microsoft Agreement for Online Services – Government (AOS-G) program.

As an original AOS-G partner, C3 can help you provision GCC High licenses without requiring an Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft. C3 has worked with hundreds of small and medium sized businesses to deploy GCC High, bringing a level of affordability to all members of the DIB.

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GCC vs GCC High: Which is Right for Your Business


GCC vs GCC High: Which is Right for Your Business

Choosing the right cloud is now the difference between winning government contracts or not, with thousands of dollars in your potential revenue left in the balance.
Quick Take: Aug 10, 2023 CMMC Update (aka “The Accidental Drop”)


Quick Take: Aug 10, 2023 CMMC Update (aka “The Accidental Drop”)

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Decoding CMMC Compliance: Understanding When to Use GCC or GCC High


Decoding CMMC Compliance: Understanding When to Use GCC or GCC High