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Deploying Microsoft Azure Government

From core business operations to sensitive applications and data, we’ll help you migrate, deploy, and/or manage your Azure Government Cloud infrastructure

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An Azure IT environment, ready for the mission.

If you’re considering cloud infrastructure to reduce capital expenses, scale more efficiently, or better support a distributed workforce, Microsoft Azure Government Cloud is probably at the top of your list.

As one of Microsoft’s premier IT service providers to the Defense Industrial Base, C3 has worked with hundreds of defense contractors to migrate on-premises or commercial cloud environments to Azure Government Cloud.

When you’re ready to make the change, we’re here to support you.

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Moving beyond M365 with Azure Government Cloud

For some defense contractors, Microsoft Government Community Cloud (GCC) provides everything they need to keep the nation’s sensitive data and operations safe in accordance with CMMC, DFARS, FedRAMP, and ITAR requirements.

But if your government business operations rely on more than just Microsoft 365 applications, you may want to consider turning to Microsoft Azure Government for your infrastructure needs. From database migration to application hosting to comprehensive managed services, we help clients painlessly migrate (and manage!) existing environments to Azure Government Cloud.

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Whether it’s building and migrating a new environment or helping you manage an existing one, our Azure experts are ready to support your cloud infrastructure needs.