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Custom IT Services

IT Services for the Defense Industrial Base

Fill your IT and security gaps with our experienced team and customized services​.

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The IT and cybersecurity expertise you need, for every need

Whether you need to support your Department of Defense work or your non-DoD environment, our team is ready to meet your IT and cybersecurity needs.

With more than 10 years working for members of the Defense Industrial Base and other Federal contractors, we’re intimately familiar with the unique challenges and contractual requirements you face as part of your government business.

From procuring Microsoft Government Community Cloud licenses to fully managed IT services, our comprehensive suite of IT solutions provides the technology foundation that your team needs to run its business.

Custom IT Services

NextGen Managed IT Services

Whether you need targeted managed services or end-to-end IT support, our NextGen Managed Services provide the ongoing, expert IT help that keeps your business running securely.

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GCC & GCC High Deployment

If you need GCC or GCC High to meet contractual or CMMC requirements, our experienced team will draw on more than 10+ years deploying and managing Microsoft 365 for the Defense Industrial Base to help you migrate painlessly.

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IT Architecture & Implementation

Companies that plan to manage ongoing IT internally often still need support architecting and implementing a secure IT environment. Draw on our security and IT experience to jump start your technology foundation.

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Azure Government Services

From core business operations to sensitive applications and data, we’ll help you migrate, deploy, and/or manage your Azure Government Cloud infrastructure

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a proven path to CMMC compliance

For a full-service CMMC solution, our Steel Root solutions remove uncertainty and risk, while offering tight, predictable timelines.

One of Microsoft's largest AOS-G partners

C3 has years of proven experience selling, deploying, and supporting Microsoft 365 to the Defense Industrial Base​. As one of Microsoft’s largest AOS-G partners, and one of the first 5 authorized to sell GCC High​, C3 has supported hundreds of clients in deploying GCC High, providing NextGen managed services and assisting companies with a variety of IT projects to support their business goals.

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