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CMMC Solutions

Steel Root Technology Platform

When you already have a compliance partner, the Platform will address CMMC’s technical requirements without the potential risks and delays of a custom solution.

We make CMMC compliance the foundation—and forefront—of your CMMC IT strategy

Conventional wisdom around how to get CMMC certification is pretty standard: Analyze the gap between where you are and where CMMC guidelines demand you be. But custom CMMC solutions lengthen timelines and introduce risk.

Our approach is different.

As your CMMC IT provider and a CMMC registered provider organization (RPO), we believe that assurance starts with a design built from the ground up with CMMC in mind.

That means that instead of retrofitting your current system (and hoping the duct tape doesn’t show!), the system we implement for you has been built, tested, and managed dozens of times. The result? An accelerated path to CMMC compliance with no nasty surprises.

Steel Root Technology Platform for CMMC Support

If you already have a compliance partner you trust, we use a 50/50 shared responsibility model to deliver the CMMC readiness you need for your IT environment

Steel Root Technology Platform for CMMC Support

If you already have a compliance partner you trust, we use a 50/50 shared responsibility model to deliver the CMMC readiness you need for your IT environment

Planning Design & Implementation

Steel Root Reference Architecture

  • Defined use case and system boundary
  • CMMC system design
  • FedRAMP-Authorized cloud services
  • Vetted baseline configuration
  • System implementation
Ongoing Support Management & Maintenance

CMMC-Focused Managed Services

  • Systems administration
  • Support desk
  • Security monitoring
  • Standardized procedures & processes
  • Continuous system review & managed improvements
CMMC Services Assessment Preparation

Compliance Advisory Services
(Available in the Compliance Program only)

  • Managed compliance program
  • Organized policy & procedural development
  • Assessment-ready documentation
  • Assessment prep & assistance
  • Ad hoc consulting

Steel Root Reference Architecture

Planning & Architecture

We'll help you define your system boundary and scope, including whether an enclave approach makes sense for you, and map your needs to the Steel Root Reference Architecture, our proven CMMC system design.


During implementation, we'll make sure everything is configured to CMMC specifications (our architecture has been vetted for CMMC compliance) in a way that doesn't impede business operations.

CMMC-Focused Managed IT Services


Any system needs management, and a CMMC-compliant one more than most. Our CMMC-focused Managed Services will keep your business running and compliant.


Cybersecurity and compliance aren't one-and-done activities. We'll identify improvement areas and manage configuration updates to keep you compliant and secure without impacting your business.

The C3 Shared Responsibility Model

We've got CMMC IT assessment objectives covered

The 320 assessment objectives in NIST 800-171a that make up a CMMC Level 2 assessment can seem pretty daunting. No doubt that’s why you’ve already engaged with a compliance partner. But you’ll still need a strong IT partner to deliver a compliant IT environment.

The Steel Root Technology Platform takes all the Level 2 IT-related assessment objectives off your plate and puts it onto ours for your CMMC implementation. Our proven, prescriptive approach accelerates your compliance journey while limiting business disruption and reducing internal resource strain.

Remove uncertainty, risk, and unpleasant surprises by letting us take on 100% responsibility for CMMC’s IT objectives.

Learn about the C3 Shared Responsibility Model

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Need help preparing for the assessment?

For companies that don’t yet have a compliance partner, our full-service solution does more than just deliver a CMMC-compliant IT environment. We also provide the processes, personalized guidance, and day-to-day management you need to pass the assessment.

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