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Why c3

Empowering Defense Contractors for Success

C3 Integrated Solutions provides comprehensive IT, security, and compliance solutions to support the U.S. Defense Industrial Base.

C3 Integrated Solutions specializes in supporting the U.S. Defense Industrial Base with a complete portfolio of IT, security, and compliance solutions. Unlike other approaches to CMMC compliance, our Steel Root solutions portfolio prescribes a structured path toward CMMC certification that enables defense contractors to meet technical, operational, and administrative requirements with confidence. 

For defense contractors focused on CMMC compliance in order to secure or renew DoD contracts, our proven approach minimizes the risk of non-compliance, accelerates compliance timelines, and limits business disruption.

A Compliance-Focused Approach

With C3 as your partner, you can be sure that compliance forms the bedrock and forefront of your IT strategy. Our holistic approach to technical and non-technical compliance requirements provides defense contractors confidence that they’ll pass their CMMC assessment.

C3’s Steel Root solutions portfolio addresses technical and non-technical requirements, offering a comprehensive path to CMMC compliance. Fundamental to the Steel Root solutions is an IT environment purpose-built to fulfill 100% of CMMC’s technical requirements. Additionally, our compliance advisory services support your team in fulfilling non-technical requirements, including managing the compliance program, guiding the creation of required organizational policies and procedures, and preparing for the assessment.

A Prescribed Route to Compliance

C3 provides a prescribed path to CMMC for you to follow—and instills confidence that you’ll achieve CMMC compliance. By providing a prescribed CMMC path that offers tight, predictable timelines, C3 removes uncertainty, risk, and unpleasant surprises.

C3’s Steel Root solutions portfolio is a proprietary CMMC solution that draws on over five years of building and managing compliant environments for DIB clients. Our prescriptive approach to achieving compliance avoids the risks and delays that often plague custom solutions, and has resulted in multiple clients successfully passing DIBCAC High assessments.

Minimized Business Disruption

C3’s focus on compliance is matched by our commitment to ensuring compliance efforts don’t stall business growth. Through close collaboration with clients, C3 provides assurance that compliant systems won’t impede business operations.

From initial planning and requirement gathering stages, the C3 team delves into understanding business operations, needs, and information flows, all to guarantee a final implementation that causes minimal disruption. By taking on the lion’s share of CMMC responsibility, we free up your team to focus on your business.

Explore our Steel Root Solutions Portfolio

Our Steel Root solutions portfolio offers a prescriptive path to CMMC compliance, guiding defense contractors toward CMMC certification confidently across technical, operational, and administrative aspects.

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