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Steel Root Scholarship Application

To promote the opportunities available and to help drive diversity in the workforce, Steel Root is proud to offer a $10,000 scholarship to a student in their junior year of high school to pursue an education and career in cybersecurity and technology. Learn more about the Steel Root Scholarship.

Complete the form on this page to apply for the Steel Root Scholarship.

Learn more about the opportunities that exist in the fields of cybersecurity and technology:

Millions of Unfilled Jobs

There is a tremendous opportunity for young people entering the cybersecurity field. As of 2020, there is an estimated shortage of 359,000 workers in the U.S alone and nearly 3 million unfilled positions globally. Reference

Companies That Hire Cybersecurity Professionals

Apple, General Motors, and Capital One are among the top-rated companies for employee experience with several cybersecurity jobs currently open. Reference

Top Paying Entry-Level Positions

Technology made up 5 of the 10 top paying entry-level jobs in 2021. Reference