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Steel Root Scholarship

Financial & programmatic support to help underprivileged youth make a career out of protecting the cyber-world.

NOTE: The 2023 deadline has now passed. Please check back next year for the 2024 deadline dates.

We want students like you!

If you’re a High School Junior and interested in technology and cybersecurity, we’re seeking applicants for our scholarship.  Along with $10,000 you’ll receive college preparation services and a jump start on your path to a career in cybersecurity.

  • October 31st 2023 – application deadline
  • November / December 2023 – applicant selection process
  • January 2024 – scholarship is awarded
  • Fall 2024 – scholar is matched with mentors

Our mission is to promote the opportunity for careers in cybersecurity in a diverse, equitable and inclusive manner.

There is currently a huge demand for talent in the fields of cybersecurity and technology. Despite the demand, there is a massive shortage of talented individuals to hire.  We are striving to close the opportunity gap for underprivileged youth.

About the Scholarship

To promote the opportunities available and to help drive diversity in the workforce, C3 Integrated Solutions is proud to offer a $10,000 scholarship to a student in their junior year of high school to pursue an education and career in cybersecurity and technology.

Scholarship Award Benefits

$10,000 Over Two Years of College

$5,000 at the start of Freshman year and $5,000 at the start of Sophomore year. Scholars may use the funds for tuition and other educational expenses such as room and board, supplies, computers, books, transportation, etc.

Enrollment in LEAP’s College Success Program

Free college preparation and career services through Leap for Education's College Success Program.

Dedicated Cybersecurity Mentor

A C3 cybersecurity professional will be nominated to serve as a mentor to meet with the student quarterly through the final year of high school and into freshman year of college.

Eligibility Requirements

Junior in High School

Applicants must be a student in their junior year of high school.


Scholars with a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Lower GPAs may be considered if that student demonstrates outstanding interest and potential in an IT field through extracurricular activities, jobs, internships, volunteer activities, etc.

Technology Focused

Pursuing one or more majors in qualified IT fields of study including information technology, computer science, software engineering, computational or data analysis hardware, software, or networking certification programs.

Financial Need

Applicants will be asked to demonstrate financial need during the final selection process.

Enrollment Plans

Recipients must plan to enroll in a full-time undergraduate study at an accredited two-or four-year college, university, or vocational-technical/trade school after graduating high school.

About LEAP For Education

LEAP for Education empowers underserved students to achieve social and economic mobility by cultivating personal, educational, and career growth.

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