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About Us

Your Compliance.
Our Commitment.

At C3, we take compliance seriously, but it’s our commitment to your business – and to supporting the Defense Industrial Base – where we find our meaning.

Committed to securing our nation’s cybersecurity

Chances are, your business is a little like ours: we’re both laser-focused on our goals, we both prioritize the cyber health of our businesses and our nation, and we both strive to be leaders in our industry. We get you, and we’re committed to supporting your business.

At C3 Integrated Solutions, we strive to be the leading IT, cybersecurity, and services provider to the Defense Industrial Base, fundamentally committed to securing our nation’s cybersecurity assets and helping our economy – and your business – grow. 

We provide Microsoft Commercial and Government Cloud solutions including Microsoft 365, Microsoft 365 GCC, GCC High and AzureGov. We combine technology, processes, personalized guidance, and day-to-day management into cohesive solutions purpose-built to achieve CMMC certification. 

C3’s Core Values

Talk to any member of our staff and they’ll likely mention at least one of our core values. These values are at the foundation of everything we do, from how we show up for each other, to how we support our clients: all day, every day.

C3's Core Values

Team Human

Team Human

Respecting all humans is a critical part of who we are at C3. We practice integrity in all interactions, we empathize with others, we create a supportive work environment, and we support the communities in which we live and operate.

Practice Security First

Practice Security First

At the cornerstone of our business, we prioritize security above convenience, cost or efficiency. A “security-first” approach means we practice what we preach and we lead by example for our clients.

Be an Advocate

Be an Advocate

We are passionate in our advocacy for our customer’s success and a path to the best solution for their business. We embrace feedback, put ourselves in your shoes and advocate for your interests as our own.

Embrace Change

Embrace Change

More than a core value, at C3 it's a practical necessity in an industry that never stands still. We're keenly aware that our success hinges on our ability to adapt—whether that means integrating new platforms, refining processes, or keeping pace with changing CMMC guidelines.


Experienced. Knowledgeable. Committed.

Marc Pantoni

Chief Executive Officer

Diversity Statement

As C3 grows as an organization, we are likewise committed to scaling our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to ensure a robust and diverse talent pool to support our clients. In addition to our attraction strategies for new talent, we work hard to create a work environment in which our team members want to stay. To support this, we build diversity, equity, and inclusion capabilities among all C3 team members.

Through our diversity, equity, and inclusion policy, C3 is committed to creating an environment where all employees can reach their full potential and maximize their contributions. We are committed to our employees’ dignity and well-being and strive to create a place where all members of our team can grow both personally and professionally.