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Confidently achieve CMMC compliance

Whether you’re looking for a partner to drive your CMMC journey or plan to do so yourself, our IT, cybersecurity, and compliance experts provide the support you need to pass your assessment.

Spotlight on CMMC

Compliance isn't optional.
But the headache of getting there is.

As a member of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), your commitment to national security is well established. But as cybersecurity takes center stage, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the mountain of new compliance requirements your contracts now demand. Not to mention that you still have a business to run.

That’s where we come in. Our Steel Root solutions have been designed to shorten your CMMC timeline, minimize the risk of non-compliance, reduce internal resource effort, and remove uncertainty and the element of surprise.

In short, we’ve custom-built a CMMC solution to lead our clients on a successful compliance journey without any nasty surprises.

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CMMC Compliance Solutions

Our purpose-built Steel Root environments have been tested & refined to meet CMMC guidelines. In addition to design, implementation, & ongoing management, our compliance advisory services help support the assessment itself.

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NextGen Managed IT Services

Whether you need targeted managed services or end-to-end IT support, our NextGen Managed Services provide the ongoing, expert IT help that keeps your business running securely.

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If you need Microsoft GCC or GCC High to meet contractual obligations, our experienced team will draw on more than 10+ years deploying and managing Microsoft 365 for the Defense Industrial Base to help you migrate painlessly.

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IT architecture and Implementation

Our clients count on our expertise around best practices, IT and cybersecurity tools and systems, as well as our ability to serve as their trusted guide for their businesses.

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Microsoft Azure Government Services

From core business operations to sensitive applications and data, we’ll help you migrate, deploy, and/or manage your Microsoft Azure Government Cloud infrastructure

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Your partner today and every day


With C3 as your partner, you can be confident that compliance is at the foundation—and forefront—of your IT strategy.


We've worked with hundreds of clients in the Defense Industrial Base, so we know intimately the challenges you face—and how to overcome them.


Your goals are our goals. So whether you care about passing your CMMC assessment, reducing internal resource strain, consolidating your vendors, or all of the above, we're committed to making it happen.


Our focus on cybersecurity and compliance is matched only by our commitment to ensure compliance efforts don't stall business growth.

Focus on your business.
We'll take care of securing your IT.

From licensing and deployments to end-to-end CMMC compliance solutions, our suite of IT services for the DIB are designed to fill in exactly the gaps you have so you can get back to running your business.

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